The Giant Catfish of Lake Bileća

Az Oriási Bileća-Tavi Harcsa

Der Riesenwels aus dem Bilećer See

The Story

I have friends in Bileća, in the Serb Republic near Dubrovnik.

The last time I was there - sadly, well over a year ago - I was given some pictures of a record catfish caught in the lake.

I don't have the statistics handy, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. This is one seriously huge catfish.

For those new to the subject, I should mention that catfish are the preferred quarry in Lake Bileća, which is a large pristine freshwater reservoir near Montenegro.

They are plentiful and they are tasty but they're not so easy to catch. I've been out on the lake with one of the area's top fishermen and had both good days and bad.

As you can see, pulling in the beast below was one hell of an accomplishment. To which one can only say, Živeli!

The Fish

Big Fish!

Wash a Big Fish!

Big Fish Party!

Big Fish Big Head!

Tall Fish!

Tall Fish!

Taller Fish!

Tallest Fish!